Our Story

Hi. I am Charlie, together with my wife, Shirley, we have started THE BAKING PORTAL, a homely boutique Baking Studio at CBD, offering you a Cozy Kitchen for Personalised Baking Workshops.

We have overcame our darkest period as I personally suffer from retinal detachment and my wife Shirley, was also diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia in 2018 and she has since emerged as a bone marrow transplant survivor!

I like to bake; I feel happy when I bake although I cannot see well! I upgraded my baking skills by attending courses and enjoy trying out new baking ideas. With these highly driven motivation and passion, Shirley and I have decided to start THE BAKING PORTAL even though we are already in our mid 50s. We should do something new despite our illness, so that no regrets in our life. We want to live our Lifes to the Fullest!