Express 3-hours Sourdough Ciabatta Class

Start from $150.00 / pax
  • On-demand class date (we will follow your preferred class date, with at least 1-day notice!)
  • WhatsApp to check, min 3 to start class
    Class Time : 10am / 2pm
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Learn to make your own healthy sourdough ciabatta. This is a special 3-hours express class for you to experience the fun of baking sourdough ciabatta. Suitable for first-timer.

NO commercial instant yeast will be used in this class. Only natural, wild yeast in form of a sourdough starter, will be used to leaven bread and enable fermentation.

On-demand class date 
(we try to follow your preferred class date but with at least 1-day notice!)

Fee : $150 per pax (min 3 to start an open group class)

WhatsApp 8299 5177 to check price for Private Solo / Couple / Closed group class

Class Time : 10am / 130pm / 6pm
Click “Booking Enquiry” or WhatsApp to 8299 5177 for booking / details

What is a Ciabatta?
Ciabatta is an Italian white bread created in response to the popularity of French baguettes. The rustic Italian ciabatta is filled with irregular holes and has a chewy texture. It has classic crispy crust and silky open crumb. Make it in into a classy sandwich or just eat the whole thing by itself for fun.

The sessions are designed to enable beginners to hands-on experience the sourdough ciabatta-making in a fun and simple way. You will learn the basic techniques, methods and tips to produce wholesome and tasty sourdough ciabatta at home. Easy-to-understand with practical hands-on demonstrations, participants will get a chance to bake the ciabatta and eat it too! Come bake and bond with your family and friends in this express sourdough ciabatta making workshop!

About the Class

Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Type: Hands-on
What you will bring home:
1 x 200g ciabatta (bake in studio)
1 x 200g ciabatta (bake at home)