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3D Art Jelly Roll Class (Beginner)

Each student will be given 1 set of tool. We will teach you hand-on crafting the jelly and demonstrate the injection techniques to create a life-like flower in a jelly canvas.


Ex Tax: $200.00


3D Floral Jelly Art Class (Beginner)

In this 4hours workshop, you will get to try your hand at designing and creating your own 3D Jelly Art Floral Cake. We will also demo to you how to make the jelly.


Ex Tax: $180.00


Batik Art Painting On Agar Agar Workshop

This is a Fun Edible Art class! Everyone can join! No need to be creative in art to join this class! Easy and Fun! You will be guided step by step how to create this beautiful art piece!


Ex Tax: $138.00

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