Open your door to the world of baking with The Baking Portal, a boutique studio at CBD area is designed for all baker levels, it offers a whole new experience for couples, families, and friends to bond and learn together.

Founded by a half-a-century aged couple who have strong interests in baking. Husband, Charlie with 30 years of aviation background, now turned his passion into baking. He had attended many baking classes and will continue to upgrade various unique baking knowledges locally and overseas.

Inspired and motivated by the success of their pilot project “Simply Baking Club”, they decided to start up a small baking studio to feed their big passion for baking. Hence, THE BAKING PORTAL is founded in year 2020.

THE BAKING PORTAL is a cozy place to let fellow bakers share their baking knowledges with peoples who likes to bake. Our oven will quickly become your favourite place to bake and have fun!