Blue Pea Ondeh Ondeh & Putri Salat Kueh

We can open this class according to your schedule too, with min 2 participants.

All time Classic Traditional Cuisine that sure to impress your family!

Putri Salat Kueh is one of the popular traditional cuisine that is made with pressed sticky rice layered with coconut custard flavored with pandan.

The combination of sticky rice and coconut egg custard is just out of this world.

Also, our trainer will teach you how to get a smooth surface with the right texture and the rice is moist yet sturdy and custard is simply decadent.

And if that is not enough, we also teach you how to make sweet and delicious Blue Pea Ondeh Ondeh that melts in your mouth as soon as you take your first bite. The burst of coconut sugar inside your mouth! All made from natural pandan and blue pea flower extract for natural colors.

You will be learning the best of best, most favourite Traditional Cuisines in just 3 hours. And at the end of the class, you will able to pack both desserts and share them with your family.

About the Class

Class Duration: 3 hours

Class Type: Hands-on

What you will bring home: 2 type of Kueh Kueh


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