TBP X Zestyleaf - CNY Edition Handpainting Dragon Fruit Agar Agar Cake - less sugar

We can open this class according to your preferred date too (with min 2 or Private 1-1 class) if our calendar date does not suits your schedule, just WhatsApp to 8299 5177 to discuss!

This is a special CNY class that we are partnering with Z Food – Zestyleaf. We will be using their diabetic friendly product – Zestyleaf Sugar Substitute – to prepare the 100% agar agar cake of this class.

We will step-by-step to show you how to do this agar agar and how to transfer the image on to it ! You will definitely impress everyone inclusive yourself with the final product that crafted by you.

Everyone can join this class ! No need to be good in art or with baking experience to join this class!

Come with your friends / family for a fun and enjoyable unique baking class!

Trainer will teach you

  • how to prepare the 3 layered *jelly
  • how to choose the correct image and food colour
  • how to transfer the image to the agar agar cake

*contains fresh fruit and dairy products.

Bring home: a Self-crafted 6″ Jelly Pudding cake


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