Couple Baking / Family & Friends Bonding Baking Workshop

Great family bonding, couple baking or if you want a unique small celebration – The Baking Portal is here for you.

Baking is about being there, having fun, laughing, and most importantly, sharing it with your partner, friends and family. It’s also about being present by taking time to do something enjoyable together.

Come to the The Baking Portal studio with your loved one and create something amazing! Our trainers will bring their passion for baking to you, enabling you to take part in the preparation and most importantly taste all the delicious results!

#Couples can take a private lesson to celebrate their special day / anniversary / birthday

#Families can gather around to bake with a new class set up every month

#Kids can come in to create new memories by baking/ decorate goodies just like mommy and daddy

#Each class can be scheduled to suit your plan.

#No baking experience is needed.

#Min 2 to start the class. Max 6 in a class.

#This class is created just for your group, no joining others.

#Price is based on type of bakes, number of people, and booking hours.

WhatsApp 82995177 or Email to info@thebakingportal for booking