Mille Crepe Cake is made up of numerous, usually, 20 layers of thin crepe, slathered with fresh cream.

This 3 hours workshop is a fun-filled session for you to try out layering crepe and cream to create a Mille crepe cake that comes altogether without falling apart. It takes some skills to get this beautifully layered fresh cream and crepe cake to perfection!

You will learn the importance of proportioning the batter and cream for the layers. Master the techniques and be able to present an aesthetically pleasing crepe cake to satisfy your crepe-pling hunger!

In this 3 hours workshop, you will hands-on to learn
#how to make crepe batter from scratch

#how to make the cream fillings

#how to achieve the beautifully layered Mille crepe cake

Bring home: 1 x 6″ Mille crepe cake