The Baking Portal baking studio is a unique one  very much different from the usual baking studios.  The studio’s mission is to create a place to bond together through baking and creating happy memories. They can customise private baking classes for couples, friends, parents-kids and for the entire family to bake together in their cozy studio! No baking experiences needed! Just enjoy the precious bonding moment!

A husband and wife duo, Charlie and Shirley started  THE BAKING PORTAL in December 2020 and created a cozy baking studio located at Robinson Road after overcoming their darkest period in their lives. Charlie suffers from retinal detachment while his wife Shirley is a bone marrow transplant survivor, but both have a strong passion for baking.

“I like to bake; I feel happy when I bake although I can only see with one side of my eyes! I have upgraded my baking skills by attending courses and enjoyed experimenting with ingredients and trying out new baking ideas. With these highly driven motivation and passion, Shirley and I had started THE BAKING PORTAL even though we are already in our mid 50s. We told ourselves that we should live our lives to the fullest despite our illness.  ”


At The Baking Portal,  class schedules are not fixed but are customised according to their customer’s preferred date and time! There are a variety of baking workshops for you to pick from their  website . Their experienced trainers and chef will guide you step by step, especially if you are new to baking and they will help you achieve your goal and help you to create wonderful memories! You will definitely bring home more than just a delicious self-crafted cake or pastry.


Want to give your loved one a surprise birthday celebration, anniversary, or any special events? How about a new dating idea? LET’S BAKE!  The Baking Portal can customise private baking classes just for two of you at an affordable price.


Know of someone getting married soon or want to celebrate your birthday with your friends in a different way? Close friends can gather together to bake, laugh and chit chat, which will definitely be an unforgettable moment before the wedding day! Workshops can be customized according to your budget and preferred choice of bake!


You do not need to be artistic to attend this Batik Jelly Cake class. We will guide you step by step  to create the beautiful batik / floral art on the agar agar (jelly) cake. You will impress everybody with your masterpiece and you will be able to boast about your artistic skills too! It will be more fun to do it together with your family and friends!


The Baking Portal offers corporate online/ on-site corporate team bonding baking workshops for your team to take a break from work, destress and set aside time for an exclusive bonding session so that it would be an effective way to foster teamwork and increase productivity at work.

Online / On-site bonding activities by learning how to bake can be organised for your organization and worked according to your company budget so reach out to them today!

To know more about their classes, visit or Whatsapp 8299 5177 to customise your very own baking class today. You can also follow them on  Facebook or  Instagram (@thebakingportal) for the latest updates.