Founded by a half-a-century aged couple who have strong interests in Baking. Husband, Charlie with 30 years of aviation background, now turned his passion into baking. He has attended many baking classes and will continue to upgrade various unique baking knowledges locally and overseas.


THE BAKING PORTAL is a place for Good Bakers with Baking Passion to share their baking knowledge with people who like to bake. We welcome you to join our classes!

Choux Pastry Workshop

Choux pastry, a delicate and popular French pastry dough used in many pastries.

Couple Baking / Family Bonding Baking Workshop

If you want a unique small celebration The Baking Portal is here for you!

Cake Frosting Masterclass: Rainbow Ruffles Cake

Taste the rainbow with Chef Clarielle as she brings you on a journey to master the creation of a sponge cake