Diy Baking Kits - Vegan Chocolate Cake

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We Weigh , You Bake!

Enjoy stress-free and hassle-free baking using our DIY baking kit, saving you time and effort to procure and weigh the ingredients.

Vegan Chocolate Cake is a rich, moist, mega-chocolatey vegan cake and topped with the simplest chocolate frosting that has enriching chocolate flavour. This is a simple bake at home recipe and does not require any experience. Simply mix them up according to the recipe instructions and tips that is enclosed together in the baking kit. This healthy vegan cake recipe comes with plant-based ingredients; suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who loves chocolate and cake!

You will need a whisk/ spatula, a mixing bowl, a tray of your choice (Loaf tin, round tin, square tin & etc; we suggest a 6 inch size round tin for best optimal results) and most importantly, a working oven!

Simply add to cart to order this DIY Vegan Baking Kit and have it delivered right to your doorstep and you can start baking! Indulge in this home made creation of yours with your family and loved ones!

Enjoy Baking! And don’t forget to tag us @thebakingportal in your photo uploads & stand to win some vouchers when you sign up for our baking workshops!

**All ingredients to be consumed within 3 days upon receipt of the baking kits.