Batik Art Painting Agar Agar Cake Workshop

Start from $118.00 / pax


Tags: #jelly workshop #cake workshop

This is a Fun Edible Art class! Everyone can join! No need to be creative in art to join this class! Easy and Fun!

You will be guided step by step how to create this beautiful art piece! You will definitely impress everyone inclusive yourself with the final product that crafted by you. You will be proud to tell your loved one ” this was painted by me!”

Come with your friends / family for a fun and enjoyable unique baking class!

Trainer will teach you

#how to prepare the 3 layered *jelly
#how to choose the correct image and colour
#how to transfer the batik art to the jelly.

*contains fresh fruits and dairy products.

Bring home: a Self-crafted 6″ Jelly Pudding cake